Our goal is to revolutionise today's power grid system with the help of an all-in-one sustainable solution that seamlessly embeds itself into the existing infrastructure.

Sustainable electricity with minimal environmental impact, powered by renewable energy sources.

A future where every building is a net-zero energy building, enabled by renewable energy and smart grid technologies optimized by AI.

An efficient and resilient electricity grid, powered by sustainable energy and fine-tuned to minimize waste and emissions.


  • Nirmal Yadav


  • Rohit Gorai

    Design Head

  • Nikhil

    Product Head

  • Saumya Garg

    UI/UX Designer

  • Anshukanchan Mohanta

    3D Designer

  • Mansi Kohli

    Data Analyst

  • Rahul Pachori

    Electrical Engineer

  • Rishabh Jain

    Cloud Engineer

  • Naina


  • Vikas

    Product Designer